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10 Affiliate Marketing tips That Can make You Rich.


If you are running a blog and website or you have a YouTube channel, then affiliate marketing can prove to be the best source of your online income. So, we have many ways to make money from blogs and online income from YouTube. But affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable ways to earn money today.

So, what is affiliate marketing? We will tell you the answers to these questions one by one, how to start marketing? How Much Money Does An Affiliate Marketer Make By Affiliate Marketing? and how to income money by affiliate marketing?.

Before we start, I would like to inform you that you will need a “blog”, “YouTube channel” or “website” to get your mother’s name to earn money through affiliate marketing.

yes, you can do affiliate marketing on the Facebook page or any social media page if you want. But, it will not be more effective. You will understand why I said this if you read this whole article.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing tips

Affiliate marketing is a way or means by which you can promote the digital product of any online company, the physical product of the online store, or anything. you can promote your affiliate links on your website, blog, social media, or YouTube channel, which can be bought online through affiliate links on our website, blog, social media, or YouTube channel. And, when people buy the promoted product through your promoted link or go to the official website of the product through the promoted link and buy other products, for selling that product affiliate marketer will be paid some commission. The amount of commission or how much commission you will be paid will be determined or fixed by the online website company as an affiliate marketer through which you are promoting or sharing the product through the online website. Thus you are told in detail in advance.

So, we can tell easily, Affiliate marketing is a marketing medium where you can interest other people in buying any online product or thing from others. And, when someone buys your promoted product, you are paid some commission. it’s a passive income way.

You can market any digital product such as “domain”, “hosting”, “WordPress theme”, “online software”, on your own blog or website and sell them. there are various ways of affiliate marketing. from that, the most popular and common way is to register as an affiliate marketer on any online shopping website on the internet.

Then, you can earn money by promoting or sharing anything from that shopping website through the affiliate link. You can promote “mobile”, “TV”, “clothes”, book, software, or anything.

For example,

A few days ago, I bought a laptop from an online shopping website. Then, knowing everything about that laptop, I wrote an article on it in my blog and said everything about the laptop. At the end of the article, I have given an affiliate link to the laptop. So, those who have the mind to buy that laptop can buy that laptop through the affiliate link I shared. In this way, those who wanted to buy the laptop could easily buy it from the link given by me online. and, as a result of buying from my affiliate, I was able to earn some commission money.

This way, you can earn money by promoting any product of your choice through an affiliate link.

If your blog is getting a lot of traffic, or your YouTube channel is getting a lot of views, then you can’t plan how much money this affiliate marketing can earn you. You can earn unlimited money by selling any product you like.

So what is affiliate marketing, maybe you understand it well.

How to start affiliate marketing?

Below I will tell you six simple points or steps, by which you can start working through affiliate marketing.

1. First of all you must have a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, or other social media page. And this page should have a lot more traffic. Because the most important issue for marketing any product is the audience the people to whom you will share or market the product. And, these four means of marketing anything online are the best.

2. Now a blog, YouTube channel Facebook page, if you have any of these, then now you need to join a good affiliate program. After joining affiliate marketing you can share their services or products.

3. Now after joining the affiliate network or affiliate program, you have to decide or choose what kind of content you will share with people.

4. You will be given an affiliate link in exchange for your chosen product content. This, through the affiliate link, people will be able to come to the page of your share or promoted product and from there they will be able to buy that product directly.

5. Then you can market the affiliate link of the product given to you through your blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, or any other means.

6. Now, if someone buys that content or product through the affiliate link of the product you shared, then you will get money or commission from the affiliate network.

So, after reading these 6 straight steps, you may have understood how to start affiliate marketing.

So what did we learn?

affiliate marketing

There are many online companies on the Internet, such as domain hosting companies, online clothing stores, domain companies, etc. that generally provide affiliate programs. You will find many online companies that offer affiliate programs and you can sign up for those companies and introduce yourself as an affiliate marketer.

Now you get affiliate links to any of the signed-up affiliate programs, networks, or products you want to market. Then you can write an article about that product on your blog or make a video on your YouTube channel.

Finally, give the link to the affiliate of that product on the page of your written article or in the video description.

If your readers or video viewers buy the product from that link, you will get a commission.

This way you can earn money by selling anything through the internet. And, people are making thousands of millions of rupees through this.

How Much Money Can You Make By Affiliate Marketing?

Honestly, How much money you can make from affiliate marketing depends on your work. Today, people are earning millions of rupees a month just as a commission through this and so if you try, you can easily earn thousands of rupees in a few months. But, to understand the game of affiliate marketing, you must have a little equality. This will allow you to earn money. But, you have to be an expert in some places.
Think you have a blog or YouTube channel where you can write tutorial articles on blogging or upload videos to your channel.

Since you made a video or wrote an article about blogging. Hopefully, most visitors to your website or channel are interested in buying a domain or hosting.

Now, all you have to do is go to a good domain and hosting company, register yourself as an affiliate marketer, promote their product through an affiliate link to your YouTube channel or blog article, and ask your visitors to buy those products. You can earn 10% to 20% from each purchase.

Now, if your visitors buy 20 products such as domain or hosting per month through your promoted affiliate link, and the cost of a hosting package is 100 dollars per year and If you are paid 20% for each purchase, you will have a total income – ((( Read More )))

100 * 20 =2000 $

2000 * 20/100 = 400 $

Then you can earn a total of 400 dollars in one month.

Earnings from affiliate marketing depend entirely on a number of factors:

affiliate marketing

1. How expensive things are you marketing.
2. How much money is being paid to you for each sale as commission.
3. How many products have you sold through affiliate links?
4. Whether there is a demand for the product you have marketed.

Your affiliate income will depend on these things. A little hard, but once you get hold of this online business you can make so much money that you can’t even imagine. This is an online business. There are many products online that you can sell to people by letting them know. Sell ​​other’s products and take commissions.
India’s famous blogger “Mr. Harsh Agarwal,” wrote an article that he earns 30 thousand dollars a month through the affiliate program/ affiliate income. And, it also says that we can make money without it. Finally, Mr. “Harsh Agarwal,” said that his way of marketing affiliate products is through blogs. He has been marketing products through blogs for 10 years and has earned millions of rupees a month. He is a successful affiliate marketer.

Some Profitable and Famous Affiliate Marketing Programs –

So nowadays all the small and big online stores or companies use affiliate programs but, there are some affiliate networks that are famous for giving high commission income.

1. Flipkart Affiliate Program – This is one of the most popular and popular online shopping websites in India. By registering as a free affiliate marketer here, you can sell a variety of low-cost items for a good commission.

2. Amazon Affiliate Program – Amazon is the foremost e-commerce business in India and as an affiliate marketer in this online shopping store, you can sell a variety of products for a good commission through affiliate links.

3. Go daddy (domain & hosting) Affiliate Program – If you are on top of blogging and hosting on your blog or YouTube channel, then register yourself as an affiliate marketer on Go daddy and Get high commissions by selling domains and hosting. Go Daddy is famous for buying domains and hosting. Online companies.

4.HostGator Affiliate Network – HostGator is one of the leading companies in the domain and hosting market. And, if you want to do domain and hosting affiliate marketing, HostGator can give you good commissions. Here you can earn about 35/40 dollars in just one sale.

5.eBay Affiliate Program– You may know about eBay online website. eBay is an online shopping site that delivers its products all over the world. And, no matter what country you are from, you can make good commissions by marketing any online product through the eBay affiliate program.
There are also many local websites that give you good commissions to increase their product sales online. You can go to Google and search for your local Affiliate Program in your country and join them.

Some of the most important questions of affiliate marketing and its answers

I said a lot about affiliate marketing. And, I know you still have a lot of questions in mind. So below I will answer some common questions.

How much does it cost to join an affiliate program?

You do not have to pay a single penny to join the affiliate program. In a word, no money is needed.

How to do affiliate product promotion or marketing?

affiliate marketing

As I said before, a blog or YouTube channel is the best way to promote or market any affiliate product. Because, through these two, you can better explain to the visitors about your product. In this way, the demand or desire to buy their product increases.

What kind of product promotion or marketing?

Remember, always choose a product that is in demand among the people. For example, the demand for domain and hosting is high. Because today people want to bring their business online, and for that, they must want to buy domain-hosting. There are so many types of products it’s hard to say. Other than that, try marketing products that are easy to sell and have high commission income.

Some of the most profitable and easily sold Sylhet products are –

1. Mobile or smartphone.
2. Domain and hosting.
3. book.
4. WordPress theme.
5. Laptop.
6. Clothes.
7. Many more.

how to withdraw your earning money?

You can easily withdraw the commission earned through the affiliate program approved in your bank account. You will be given the right option to give a bank account.

why pay attention to Affiliate Marketing Tips is essential?

if you have a new blog or already have monetized blog with affiliate links.
But, Still NOT generating expected sales online?
OR, do you want to get richer quickly with Affiliate Commissions?

from the list, some of the Affiliate Marketing tips can make your mind to happy and strong.
Most affiliate marketers do not get expected sales.
Are you one of them Or do you just want to make more money from affiliate marketing?

In this case, you have to pay attention to each tip and work accordingly.

Table of content for Affiliate Marketing Tips.

1. Niche clarity.
2. Trending niches.
3. Method of selling.
4. Don’t stick to your micro-niche.
5. Building an email list.
6. How you will build your email list?
7. Sell using email marketing Funnels.
8. Generate Traffic.
9. Find your funnel leakages.

Below are the tips from our Basic to Advance, let’s see.

1. Niche clarity.

What’s a niche? You have to understand that. You need to have knowledge and interest in the niche you want to work with. If you don’t have knowledge and interest in the niche, you can’t create good quality content for sale. So take a moment to pick your niche. Be clear about your niche. This is niche clarity.

Once your niche is clear you need to check if the niche is profitable, Whether your niche content can be ranked etc. For this, a few questions need to be asked

1. Are there any products available to solve your niche problem?
2. Does the product have good reviews & ratings?
3. What is the demand in the market?
4. How much money are marketers making with your niche?
Need to know about this.

2. Trending niches.

There are many tools to ensure the trending niche, the best of which is Google Trend.
Check out Google Trends, and check what the trend is saying about the topic.
Look at the graph, if the point of the graph goes to the top then you understand that you are going in the right direction. If the graph point goes down, you know you’re going the wrong way and you need to change your niche.
This means that people are losing interest in the niche and the product. So you have to live with a product that people are interested in.

3. Method of selling.

There are many ways to sell affiliate products. Which of the following methods do you use to increase sales?

1. Are you reviewing or writing features of the product and expecting users to purchase from your affiliate link?
2. Do you want to increase sales by delivering products to your audience by solving problems with your products?
Towards the product sales approach, you have to be very attentive and specific.
The first method will not play an important role in earning money, or will not be able to bring income. Because features and reviews are never sold. What is sold is the solution to the problem.
So it is very important to solve the problem of your product and add affiliate links to the products in your content.

4. Don’t stick to your micro-niche./

These tips are applicable for those who are already able to bring a good amount of traffic and a good amount of income.

If you want to make more money through affiliate marketing then gradually increase or expand your niche.
You don’t rely entirely on your micro-niche, slowly stretch your niche.
But, check before you do.

If you are new to affiliate marketing then these tips are not for you
Please do not follow these tips, it is only for skilled affiliate marketers.
And for beginners, it’s important to work with a micro-niche. And creating important and valuable content.
First work very well with a micro-niche then have to stretch slowly. Always try to provide solutions. One day the sale will come.

5. Building an email list.

Listing your email is very important for affiliate marketing. If you don’t have an email list, you’re doing it too badly.
Create email lists as quickly as possible.
Not only will you benefit from having an email list. but your email list should also be clear. Exclude unnecessary subscribers from the email list.
You should get a higher CTR when you send authorized links to your email subscribers.
Build your customers as future buyers. Send affiliate links to customers from your email list every few days and grow your affiliate business.
Affiliate marketing tips will help you increase your income and fight affiliates.

6. How you will build your email list?

Above I have explained to you the importance of email listing in affiliate marketing, and how you can sell products via email from the listing.
But, now how do you create a list of emails for affiliate marketing?
Do you think you will buy or scrap from someone? Or do you make your own ??
No, it will not work according to your expected results.
Create your own email list.
You can collect your emails through a single prize. You can use an e-book as a reward. Give the e-book and in return, you can take the email. You can easily create an e-book for free with Canva.
you will give the email form on your blog and the customer will be able to take the e-book by filling that form.
The email form will pop up when buyers remove the cursor from your website.

7. Sell using email marketing Funnels.

affiliate marketing

You now have an email list.
And the next is to create the funnel of email marketing.
You may be wondering, how to increase affiliate sales by creating an email marketing file?
To know this you need to follow the steps below step by step.
1. Create good quality content about your niche, say everything about your niche in the content. And if you can, arrange a free course. A free course would be the best way of all.
2. Arrange to send emails every day. Create an email funnel, customers will send new emails as soon as they have read the previous emails. Never send new emails if the previous emails are not read, this may upset the buyers.
3. Give an affiliate link in one of the emails Affiliate marketers usually make this mistake. The mistake that is made is to give an affiliate link in every email so that the customer feels that you are only doing this for sale.
4. You don’t just have to think about sales. You focus on the value main. When your products are good in terms of quality, they will be sold automatically. Nothing will happen if you just run towards sales without keeping the quality right. You need to fix the product quality first.
5. Work on how to get more people to register for the sales funnel.

You can send automated emails using ConvertKit, Constant Contact, and GetResponse. You can use any of these according to your budget.

It requires a small amount of skill. If you want, you can hire someone from a marketplace like Fiver, Upwork. Or you can follow my free guide.

8. Generate Traffic.

Traffic is very important for affiliate marketing. You can’t do affiliate marketing without traffic, because without traffic you can’t bring sales or sell products. If you can bring visitors to your website then you can be successful in affiliate marketing. The only way to be successful in an affiliate marketer is to bring in traffic or visitors.
But How? How can you generate the traffic?

1. There are many ways to bring traffic or visitors, Quora is one of them. Millions of users visit Quora every day. You start writing about your blog on Quora. Provide links to your blog or affiliate here. But don’t give affiliate links or blog post links to each of your Answer. If you give a link to each Answer, Quora may consider you as spam.
2. Make a short video and post it on your Instagram Story, Facebook Post, Facebook Story. Share the link to your affiliate or blog post for details.
3. Create a YouTube video about your product. Tell the details about the product in the video and tell about the product quality. Create honest and best content. Try to win the hearts of your followers. Lastly, share your affiliate link or blog link.
4. Create an infographic with canvas. And pin to your Pinterest. You can get thousands of visitors by pinning on Pinterest.
Keep doing these things all the time, by doing this you will get a lot of visitors.

9. Find your funnel leakages.

affiliate marketing

As I said before you need to create an e-mail funnel to increase sales in affiliates. Similarly, you need to tracks the leakages on your website or affiliate site. Track all your activities.
If your affiliate site has a lot of traffic but no buyers, then you will understand that your audience targeting is wrong.
You need to check what your product is and who your buyers are. Consumers are the people who will use your product.
Then you need to create your Affiliate site and try to bring in customers or visitors.
You need to understand what buyers want and act accordingly. Only then will you be able to increase your affiliate sales.


Are you setting everything up perfectly and not getting sales as expected? Or can’t make income?
Many companies have a refundable guarantee system within 30 days. Refunds are made to those companies. So you will not get any affiliate sales from those companies.
When choosing a product, you need to look for good reviews. If there are bad reviews, your product may not be sold or even if it is sold, there will be very little sales. This is a big reason not to sell products.
When selecting affiliate products, you need to select the product using the best review guide. This can keep you away from large refundable products. Always look for good reviews and choose products. This will make your affiliate marketing journey better and easier.
The best review guide will show you the reviews of the Top10 products. For this reason, it is better to use the best review guide.
It will also show you which platforms the products are on and whether the products are available. Then you can join as an affiliate marketer on those platforms. This will save you time.
From this website, you can know more about the best-selling products. And be able to acquire skills.
Follow the tips described above and increase your earnings.

If you want to know many more such tips, please comment below.
If you have any questions, please feel free to comment in the comments box.

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