Not long ago, telling someone you make a living online was akin to telling them you were some kind of archaeologist. Sure, many people knew it was possible to work online and make money, but if you told them how easy and lucrative it was, they still gave you a sideways look.
Nonetheless, times have certainly changed. The advancements in technology and the broader use of the internet (especially during the pandemic), have made online business ventures more lucrative than ever. Today, you can purchase (or sell) a wide range of products through various eCommerce platforms. For example, everyone knows how well Amazon is doing to fill consumer demand having cornered almost every niche on the market!
Even so, while you can sell both physical and digital products online, the latter tends to be more popular and profitable. This article endeavors to give you an overview of what digital products are and why they are in great demand inside a multi-billion dollar industry. After reading this article, it will be easier for you to decide which approach you should choose in becoming an online business.