October 21

Find Best Ecommerce Trends for 2021


The eCommerce business is constantly changing so we decided to explore the best eCommerce trends for 2021. The covid-19 epidemic has forced the immediate sale from physical channels to digital / eCommerce channels.

If you are selling on Amazon or elsewhere in the Marketplace it is important that you always know what consumers want, as well as new technologies that will help you grow your business.


To better compete with markets and large retail markets, products also explore rich, customized experiences. Branding your product has now become a priority for long-term customer relationships as acquisition costs go up, as well as uncertainty in digital advertising.

It is worth mentioning that customization is available in B2C and B2B. Creating personal experiences on your platforms and marketing materials has a positive impact on revenue. According to a BCG study, retailers offering higher interest rates had a 25% revenue increase.

Mobile Shopping & Mobile Payments

Mobile phone sales have been on the rise ever since the advent of smartphones. It is estimated that 4 out of 5 Americans shop online and more than 50% of them do so using a mobile phone. In Europe, these numbers are very high – 64% of Europeans shop online and 55% do it on mobile devices and the trend could remain hot by 2021 for at least two reasons.

Firstly, the average USA uses a smartphone for more than four hours a day and secondly, eCommerce businesses do their best to make apps and websites easy to use so that their clients get the best mobile information.

Both tech giants and emerging eCommerce businesses are doing their best to improve user experience and simplify mobile payments, including the use of e-wallets.

Chatbots: a new way to communicate with your customers

By 2025, the global chatbot market is expected to generate more than $ 1 billion. And eCommerce represents the biggest part of this.

Chatbots will continue to be one of the major eCommerce trends until 2021. The global chatbot market has achieved a significant annual growth rate of 24.3% Compound. 45% of end-users view chat conversations as their primary options for customer service queries.


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