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The Ultimate Guide On how To Start A Blog


Getting started blogging can seem like a daunting, confusing process. After all, if you want to blog about anything, you need to know how blogging works first. Here’s why I decided to start my blog: -It connects me with other bloggers who are in my niche or with similar interests -It is self-expression -I do it when it suits me when I’m inspired and I don’t feel pressured when it doesn’t (which is often). Still not clear on how to start a blog? Here is your ultimate guide which will walk you through setting up your blog in under five minutes. The easiest way to start a blog. How- To Start Blogging.

The Ultimate Guide to Bloggers

This guide will help those who want to start their own blog but have no clue where to start. How. To Start a Blog. This is a blog that covers blogging and provides helpful articles and information on blogging.

how to start a WordPress blog

I’m sure you’ve heard of WordPress. Statistically, 1 in 4 websites is created with this incredibly versatile open-source blogging platform. That’s why I want to teach you just how to start a WordPress blog that will skyrocket your business. What I’ll teach you is how to set up WordPress correctly, what to do after setting up your blog, and how to plug in any other plugins or themes you want so your blog can be even more amazing and marketable than most others throughout the internet. Hello and welcome! My name is P – Hustle and my goal for this article are to walk you through eight simple steps on how to start a WordPress blog. Don’t worry if you don’t want to do this for yourself. All of my information is kept simple, concise, and to the point so that you can go from scratch and do these things for just about anyone in an instant. And when you finish, you will feel like the coolest business person ever. If you’re not feeling it, let me know. If you do happen to hit a roadblock or have a question, I’ll be here to help you through. But let’s get started.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and years of your life to create a simple blog that says something about you.

Once you choose a visual design for your blog, you’ll have to decide what template to use in order to fit this design or create your own. WordPress offers a ton of templates that you can customize and modify to create an entirely unique design for your own web project. This might be the coolest thing about customizing with WordPress. You can take an existing design and create an almost custom one if you’re so inclined. Not only can you alter your basic design in order to make it fit the theme you select, but you can pick your favorite color scheme and pick and choose different features from other free plugins and add them to your theme as you prefer.

It’s a really fun process!

To open a theme designer in your WordPress dashboard, you click on appearance from your dashboard. Then, you click on customize then click on appearance again. From there, find the option to choose “add new” and browse your system folders until you find a directory of your favorite theme. You should end up with at least 4 different choices, and it should be all you need to fit your design.

If you are still struggling to pick up a theme, here are some ideas that might get your wheels turning: If you run a company that promotes healthy living, perhaps this is something you could do yourself. Try and make something that matches your style or your brand!

If your business is one that provides services, maybe this one’s for you! Make your logo and website stand out from the masses! If you have an active social media platform, then you could create a simple Instagram-like app and share your photos and stories with your friends.

Whatever your niche, the process is the same in all of them.

Another cool way to set up a custom theme for your blog is to grab this free WordPress theme below from the source website. All you need to do is hit the download button, and it will download into your dashboard as a completely custom theme. There is no trick or hidden shortcut to doing it. The first step is to make sure you’re logged in to your blog on your computer. Next, go to WordPress and click on appearance then click customize and change your template and theme to be completely unique. You’ll be in customization heaven once you start to tinker and customize with this theme. The next step is to download the images you’ll need. I will link each one to the proper description.

If your template is already done in a fancy way, then take a look at this tutorial if you need to change some elements. In order to use these tutorials, you will first need to install a free WordPress image plugin called easy thumbnail. In my case, because my template was already designed, I simply picked the image I was going to work with and clicked the “add attachment” button. If you don’t have any images yet, use this template:

Then, copy and paste both images on their own pages. As you can see, I’ve already done this for my blog. You can download the images to get started by clicking here.

To download the images, you will need this plugin called Easy Thumbnail. You’ll also need some way to upload the images to your blog. I use Dropbox for this. STEP 3 – Pick your plugins

If you want to have extra content on your blog, it’s going to have to help out with that purpose. With a variety of plugins, you can find for free, you can add links, images, videos, maps, and much more to your blog.

While I always recommend using premium WordPress plugins, there’s no harm in trying out a free one. I use my site to share cool tutorials for free, but I wouldn’t recommend using them for your own commercial blog if you can’t afford the monthly fee. If you want to create a photo collage-like plugin that will add your images and create a collage of your own, try this free plugin. If you want to add videos to your blog, you can use these plugins to add video content to your pages.

If your plan is to just write a bunch of posts about yourself and try to make these things into your new business, then you may want to first pick up some of these plugins:

It’s important to note if you’re reading this from a WordPress dashboard, you will need to login to your database first unless you’re making a database template. There are three ways to do this. One would be to use your favorite FTP software from within your website.

Another way is to create a super FTP account on a cloud service provider. Good service like Cloudflare has a really cool web app for these types of services which is called free users.

Finally, you could use your browser’s built-in FTP function. If you have not been logged in, open up a new session. The first step after logging in is to install your FTP application. Once installed, connect via this application with your username and password. This is super easy to do in your case since you created your FTP credentials in the WordPress dashboard. If you have any trouble, I would get in touch with WordPress Support. You can find your support options by going to your WordPress dashboard> My Support and selecting WordPress Support.

For the next step, you just need to copy and paste the zip file into your file system.STEP 4 – Design your content so it’ll make you money!

Alright. You’re done! Now, let’s start designing your blog! With a small amount of work, you can have a blog up and running in minutes. Make sure you have done step one, and make sure you are having fun with WordPress. The most important thing in creating a blog is having fun. As you can see by having fun in the process, even if you get a blog up and running, it will still never take off until you’re having fun.

A simple website allows the owner to build a personal brand, give his customers access to his knowledge as well as share his information with others. So, there are many things to consider while designing a website. It is possible that you may think creating a website for the first time is an expensive affair.

This is completely wrong. With the numerous free themes on the internet, it’s very easy to make an attractive website. Moreover, there are many websites where you can find free website templates. However, the most important part is to create a functional website for your niche.

How much does it cost to build a website?

When we are talking about building a website, we are also talking about creating a website from scratch.

This could also be the easiest way and most affordable option to build your own site. For that purpose, you will need the tools – free sites or free website builders.

A good choice for those starting out is Blogger.com or Tumblr. The process of building a website is super easy and affordable. However, as soon as you outgrow the free site plan, you will need to turn to a professional developer.

Another way of building a website would be using WordPress. This is a robust, content management system (CMS). It gives you tons of tools to make sure your website is mobile responsive, responsive, searchable, and SEO-friendly.

The process of building your own website involves downloading the WordPress CMS.

When you downloaded WordPress, you will see it’s a piece of software and a WordPress-hosting account will be an important part of the process.

Why should you build your website from WordPress?

We have to see the benefits before actually going about the process. The number one benefit of launching a website in WordPress is the availability of customization.

With WordPress, you can easily create a unique site for your business. So, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to create a site that’s different from another competitor.

Even if you have a niche and you have created a website for that specific, you can still make changes as per your niche.

You don’t require coding and web design talents to get started with a WordPress website. The process of getting it done is very easy.

Now, WordPress has over 50 million domain names on average. So, it is the second most popular web hosting platform with over 5 million new blogs.

If you are wondering what makes WordPress different?

It is because it is simple and intuitive. Even a beginner would have no issues learning and working with the CMS.

WordPress provides a number of tutorials and resources available online that help new users get started within a few hours. 

You can also download WordPress and install it on your own server. This will require you to spend at least some money on a hosting account.

Why is building a website in WordPress simpler?

It is because of its design and simplicity. WordPress has a well-structured backend. This makes the tasks easier for you. As an example, you can quickly create a category, write a post.

You can also easily manage your site once you have created it. If you ever have issues with your content, you can immediately get help and answers by asking your friends for help.

WordPress has multiple themes that you will be able to select from.

Even if your content is unique, it does not mean that you can’t select the best themes to fit your brand. With WordPress, you can always add a premium theme if you need more functionality. This is why most of the premium themes on the market are WordPress-based. 

You can have your own website without having the technical skills required of a website builder. This is just amazing in the sense that you can always customize your site to align with the brand you’re building. Your website will be responsive, SEO-friendly, and easily accessible.

As most CMS are, the process of building a WordPress starts with the WordPress installation. In case you need to, you can always revert to the default and follow this quick guide to get your site running.

Once we have created our website/blog, we can start creating our first post.

After your site is live, you can start publishing content. You will be able to track the performance of your site with the help of Google Analytics and other similar services.

There are also a lot of other tools available to help you analyze your performance better. So, if you want to learn more about it, you can always check out the online forums. Before launching the site itself, the most important part is the niche. 

We already discussed how in any niche website, the most important thing is the niche. So, why would you want a website unless you have unique content for your specific niche? You could have a website for your business as a whole. But you wouldn’t have content for the business.

Similarly, if your content doesn’t have any niche-specific content, there is no need to have the website. A well-written text can help in getting traffic right from the starting point itself. So what makes a good niche? You can easily check some of the best guides on that.




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